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English-Hindi > best and greatest

best and greatest meaning in Hindi

best and greatest sentence in Hindi
सर्वोत्तम तथा महानतम
best    यथासाध्य चेष्टा
and    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
greatest    सबसे अधिक बृहत्तम
1.It must have been tempting for the media to hold up Roy as the best and greatest of our literary stars.

2.The following inscription appeared on the cornerstone of St . Bartholomew's Church : " To God, the best and greatest.

3.A triumph was a ceremonial procession of troops and commander through Rome to the Temple of Jupiter Best and Greatest at the conclusion of a successful campaign.

4.Wright saw the " myth " of the EB1911 being the best and greatest encyclopaedia as a testament to a successful marketing campaign which usually didn't hold up under critical examination.

5."For Jupiter Best and Greatest, this temple, collapsed through old age, was restored by Aquilinus, freedman of the emperor, a trader, a man of courage, a Greek ."

6."We advanced upon them drawen up in battle array, and the fight was furiously maintained on both sides, but God, best and greatest of his mere grace, gave us victory against them.

7."It's a turning of the page of another chapter that involves, arguably, one of the best if not the best and greatest hockey player in the history of the Buffalo Sabres,"

8.In turn, the whites had broken into three sub-races, namely the Hamitic, Semitic and Japhetic peoples  the latter were the Aryans of Hindu legend and were the best and greatest of all the whites.

9.The original simple tombstone was lost in about 1849, but the text of the short inscription was copied : " D . O . M . Hugonis principis ONelli ossa " ( Dedicated to God the Best and Greatest.

10.The "'Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus "', also known as the "'Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus "'( Jupiter Best and Greatest on the Capitoline " ) was the most important temple in Ancient Rome, located on the Capitoline Hill.

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