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English-Hindi > bicycle seat

bicycle seat meaning in Hindi

bicycle seat sentence in Hindi
साइकिल की सीट
bicycle    साइकिल साइकिल
seat    बेंच आसन बैठक ओहदा
1.And the bicycle seat was starting to feel like a torture device.

2.Quite a few experts reject the idea of child bicycle seats completely.

3.THE CLAIM Bicycle seats can cause impotence for male riders.

4.As a boy he must have had a loose bicycle seat ."

5.A bed roll was strapped to her bicycle seat.

6.He found out last year that there's life beyond a bicycle seat.

7.Only men compete here, which creates an added hazard _ the bicycle seat.

8.Nothing spoils a ride like an uncomfortable bicycle seat

9.How'bout a toilet seat, a bicycle seat, a rubber mermaid?

10.NIOSH recommends that riders use a no-nose bicycle seat for workplace bicycling.

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