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big toe sentence in Hindi

"big toe" meaning in Hindi
  • Fassel said of Lewis, who sprained his big toe Sept . 21.
  • Revenge will have to wait until the arthritic right big toe heals.
  • In February the big toe on his right foot was operated on.
  • The catches can be seen over the area of the big toe.
  • TURF TOE : A painful jamming or hyperextension of the big toe.
  • His eyes are moist and his big toe is encrusted in blood.
  • Seau said all of his body parts ache except his big toe.
  • A common problem involving the big toe is the formation of bunions.
  • Ferrigan sticks a needle in the big toe of her right foot.
  • He lost the nail on his big toe and was urinating blood.
  • _Bunions, misaligned big toe joints that can become swollen and tender.
  • He underwent surgery on his arthritic big toe Sept . 11.
  • Step on my big toe and hope that slows me down?
  • Jones was practicing again after hurting his right big toe Friday.
  • Fargas underwent surgery Monday to correct a ligament problem in his big toe.
  • Rookie right guard Kynan Forney ( sprained right big toe ) is doubtful.
  • Big toe projects a little further or same as second toe.
  • ITALY . Title : " It Was the Big Toe ."
  • The big toe, readers learned, could be a powerful erotic instrument.
  • Dave Brown has a sprained big toe and Lance Smith a sprained knee.
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