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big top sentence in Hindi

"big top" meaning in Hindi
  • Under the Knie Circus'enormous big top, the classic European circus is thriving.
  • Big Top in Battery Park City, Little West St . ( 800-678-5440)
  • Long said he wouldn't mind if the big top folded for good.
  • Many events will be staged under the big top on Ogunquit Beach.
  • He meant the big fellas who work under David Stern's big top.
  • The caretaker chases him around the circus and into the big top.
  • Outside, unnoticed, Flandrin climbs to the top of the Big Top tent.
  • Many events will be staged under the big top on Qgunquit Beach.
  • That is the highest percent of any of the big top-10 cities,
  • Big tops _ anything that looks like two could crawl inside is passe.
  • It bore the caption : " Big Top, Big Apple, Big Spender ."
  • And, as they say when the Big Top gets lowered, that's all, folks.
  • This was the Barnum and Bailey of the business big top.
  • Under its own big top, Ringling has upgraded its lighting technology.
  • Thirteen of 26 regents and about 130 students gathered under the big top.
  • "We were asked to do the Big Top tour first, " he said.
  • The gamblers have arrived to deposit their money under the circus big top.
  • On 15 June 2009, hit40uk became The Big Top 40 Show.
  • Johnathan Lee Iverson is the new kid under the Big Top.
  • Circus Sports lets everyday people pretend they're under the Big Top.
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