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English-Hindi > bill rate

bill rate meaning in Hindi

bill rate sentence in Hindi

बिल दर
bill    प्राप्यक फरसा तंग
rate    मूल्य जहाज का दरजा
1.And the change in the three-month Treasury bill rate was even less.

2.The three-month T-bill rate fell to 16 . 928 % on Monday.

3.Bond and bill rates fell up to 11 points on the move.

4.Shorter maturity bills rates and intermediate maturity yields on notes also improved.

5.The current Treasury bill rate is just under 5 . 5 percent.

6.Shorter maturity bill rates were up an average of nine basis points.

7.Intermediate notes and shorter maturity bill rates were either down slighty or unchanged.

8.It also kept the 169-day special T-bill rate unchanged at 16.3.

9.91-Day T-Bill Rate Falls to 15 . 075 %, BUSINESS DAILY

10.Three-month bill rates dropped even more : 12 basis points, to 5.21 percent.

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