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English-Hindi > bird bath

bird bath meaning in Hindi

bird bath sentence in Hindi
• पक्षी स्नानपात्र
bird    चिड़िया पक्षी
bath    स्नान गृह स्नान
1.What about a sundial, a gazing ball, a bird bath or statuary?

2.A bird bath can attract as many birds as a feeding station.

3.A bird bath ringed by bedding plants is not a water garden.

4.The western bluebird consumes water from nearby streams and commonly used bird baths.

5.Wild bird supplies include bird baths, bird houses, and bird feeders.

6.On very cold days, refilling the bird bath every morning helps prevent freezing.

7.These birds can also waterbathe in shallow pools or bird baths.

8.We see a sign that says " FREE BIRD BATH ".

9.You can purchase a bird bath or simply use dishes or shallow pans.

10.There was also a bird bath installed in Cheyne Walk.

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