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English-Hindi > black tie

black tie meaning in Hindi

black tie sentence in Hindi
भोज कोट
ब्लैक टाई
black    काला कपड़ा काली
tie    गांठ बराबर अंको पर
1.It may be worn for both black tie and white tie events.

2.Black tie is the required dress at all James Bond Society events.

3.The task is like cooking for the black tie or military camps.

4.Rosa Parks will receive her honor tonight at a black tie dinner.

5.Raffish elegance is its natural style, like Jack Nicholson in black tie.

6.The man is obviously more comfortable in green tweed than black tie.

7.President Clinton greeted him wearing a black tie with a white diamond pattern.

8._Formal ( black tie ) : Women wear long ball gowns.

9.The annual meeting of the neighborhood association is always black tie.

10.The 31st Anniversary Black Tie Dinner was held November 3, 2012.

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a black bow tie worn with a dinner jacket

semiformal evening dress for men
Synonyms: dinner jacket, tux, tuxedo,

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