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English-Hindi > blank character

blank character meaning in Hindi

blank character sentence in Hindi

• रिक्‍त संप्रतीक
blank    खाली स्थान कोरा
character    हरफ़ नाम संकेत
1.This module also came with a pad of blank character sheets for the game.

2.In such cases a blank character was typically appended to the record after the trailing colon.

3.Functionally, a lead-space character is stored, internally, as a simple blank character.

4.The original game contained a 56-page spiral bound rule book, 32 page modern military weapon data supplement, reference tables, blank character sheets and one ten sided die.

5.Since traditional Morse code symbols are of variable " width ", there can be no Morse prosign equivalent to the fixed-length white space blank character symbol created by the space bar.

6.The center of the booklet is taken up with one blank character sheet, seven character sheets filled in with the statistics for the Company of Eight from Tethyr, and reduced maps of the area.

7.If the blank character is simply ignored and you move on to the next character, " E ", I assume the correct alphabetical order is The Goodbye Girl . . . and then The Good Earth.

8.The " space bar " on modern keyboards creates the standard fixed space between words, and generates the most widely used teleprinter and computer keyboard white space control character symbol, sometimes known as the " blank character ".

9.Of the 56 characters on the print slug, only 47 were printable with the standard valid character set of the IBM 305 computer the complete alphabet, numbers 0 9, and eleven special characters ( 48 characters, including the blank character ).

10.Traditional telegraphers create " space bar " " white space " " blank characters " between words by simply pausing for the minimum number of prescribed dot durations ( normally seven ) required for Morse code inter-word spacing.

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