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English-Hindi > bloch wall

bloch wall meaning in Hindi

bloch wall sentence in Hindi

ब्लॉख भित्ति
ब्लॉख भित्‍ति
wall    चारदीवारी दीवार
1.In discrete dynamical systems , a new ogy strategy with new control start condition and feed - back control parameters is proposed . according to the new strategy , the chaotic motions of a bloch wall , which is located in the zy plane experienced the action of an alternating external magnetic field , are analyzed and controlled

2.The results show that the chaotic motions of the bloch wall are suppressed successfully , that is , the new strategy is successful and effective . in a time - continuous dynamical system , a new optimal control scheme is proposed base on the krasovskii theory and is utilized to control the chaos in the newton - leipnik system which has double strange attractors . it is found that the n - l system can converge onto a selected fixed point rapidly and perfectly through asymptotic mode

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