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block and tackle sentence in Hindi

"block and tackle" meaning in Hindiblock and tackle in a sentence
  • All the Kansan can do is run, pass, kick, block and tackle.
  • "That stuff has changed the way players block and tackle, " he said.
  • Garston employers now removed the mine by removing it with block and tackle.
  • Honestly, EchoStar has done a better job of block and tackle,
  • "You teach them to block and tackle and the way to play the game.
  • Lots of players get hurt in the normal siege of hits, blocks and tackles.
  • Cornerback Chris Davis had some blocks and tackles, including on a fourth-down trick play.
  • "It's bad luck if you don't block and tackle ."
  • There were no mechanical winches, all hauling being by block and tackle and man power.
  • Thus, the block and tackle reduces the input force by the factor " n ."
  • Lead was hoisted to the top of the tower using block and tackle and oxen.
  • A dozen men with blocks and tackle not being able even to turn it over.
  • The team that blocks and tackles wins the ballgame.
  • Handling its big timbers is all about working with block and tackle, and a sledgehammer.
  • Under Aliotti, the Bruins had trouble with the basics : alignments, assignments, shedding blocks and tackling.
  • A block and tackle system amplifies the tension force in the rope to lift heavy loads.
  • A team of crane or block and tackle.
  • It showed in unforced errors such as bad snaps, missed blocks and tackles and dropped balls.
  • During the night, the Americans hauled mountain guns to the crater's edge with block and tackle.
  • This is smashmouth basketball and the team that blocks and tackles best is probably going to win.
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