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English-Hindi > block and tackle

block and tackle meaning in Hindi

block and tackle sentence in Hindi
भार उठाने की पहिएदार रस्सी

ब्लॉक और टेकल
block    पीड़क निपिण्ड
and    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
tackle    सामग्री जहाज या
1.All the Kansan can do is run, pass, kick, block and tackle.

2."That stuff has changed the way players block and tackle, " he said.

3.Garston employers now removed the mine by removing it with block and tackle.

4.Honestly, EchoStar has done a better job of block and tackle,

5."You teach them to block and tackle and the way to play the game.

6.Lots of players get hurt in the normal siege of hits, blocks and tackles.

7.Cornerback Chris Davis had some blocks and tackles, including on a fourth-down trick play.

8."It's bad luck if you don't block and tackle ."

9.There were no mechanical winches, all hauling being by block and tackle and man power.

10.Thus, the block and tackle reduces the input force by the factor " n ."

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pulley blocks with associated rope or cable

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