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English-Hindi > block arrangement

block arrangement meaning in Hindi

block arrangement sentence in Hindi

स्थूल व्यवस्थापन
block    पीड़क निपिण्ड
arrangement    सजावट समझौता क्रम
1.Each of these patterns has similarities in characteristics, business model building blocks arrangements and behaviors.

2.These new buildings are composed of 12 person townhouses and 6 person apartments as opposed to the corridor block arrangements of the original accommodation.

3.The engineers who built the camps typically designed them in " block arrangements, " with each block containing fourteen barracks, one mess hall, one recreation hall, one ironing room, one laundry room, and male and female latrines.

4.Sharpie style hulls that are developed in New Zealand are made of plywood, use water ballast in underseat tanks that empty when trailered, vertical ( dagger ) ballasted boards ( about 80-100 lbs ) type centerboards ( hoisted with a simple 4 : 1 block arrangement led back to the cockpit ) and are commonly about 20 24 feet LOA . They are not traditionally rigged, instead having conventional fractional sloop rigs.

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