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board meeting sentence in Hindi

"board meeting" meaning in Hindiboard meeting in a sentence
  • She could not add anything further until the board meeting ends.
  • Board meetings will be open to the public and the media.
  • It is highly unusual for analysts to attend company board meetings.
  • The Italian airline is also to hold a board meeting Monday.
  • Spokesman Dick Detwiler confirmed that Pepsi has a board meeting today.
  • EDF was holding a board meeting Friday to discuss the matter.
  • Yesterday he was in Tokyo for a Visa International board meeting.
  • Paribas planned a board meeting to discuss the offer late Thursday.
  • The Reserve Bank of Australia held its monthly board meeting yesterday.
  • The board reversed its decision during an emergency board meeting Tuesday.
  • Both companies already have quarterly board meetings scheduled for this month.
  • The specific figure will be determined at a board meeting Wednesday.
  • He was in an executive board meeting and unavailable for comment.
  • There was no word if the board meeting was still scheduled.
  • The appointment was announced during an ERCOT board meeting on Tuesday.
  • Ceska Banka officials refused to comment pending a board meeting today.
  • The IAEA is due to hold a board meeting in November.
  • A board meeting scheduled Monday may shed light on future decisions.
  • Another board meeting has been tentatively set for Aug . 25.
  • Some of them shied away from attending the FIDF board meeting.
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