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board of arbitration sentence in Hindi

"board of arbitration" meaning in Hindiboard of arbitration in a sentence
  • Cowan was appointed to the Dominion Board of Arbitration, later becoming chairman.
  • He worked with David Dale to form a board of arbitration.
  • He served as chairman of the State board of arbitration 1895-1897.
  • He also sat on the Board of Arbitration and the Montreal Board of Trade.
  • Doyle served as the Illinois Parole Commissioner and as secretary of the Illinois Board of Arbitration.
  • The Board of Arbitration found that Bhadauria was dismissed without just cause and he was given an award.
  • It elects the board with two speakers, the editors of the party-magazine, SPUNK and the board of arbitration.
  • He also joined the Board of Arbitration and Conciliation for the Manufactured Iron Trade in the North of England.
  • The Teamsters and team owners had formed a body known as the Chicago Board of Arbitration ( CBA ) in early 1903.
  • After the end of his time as Lieutenant Governor he served for a few months as Member of the State board of Arbitration.
  • The issue was settled by a federal board of arbitration, which ruled that black workers should be paid equal pay for equal work.
  • Liberalis had his daughter Flavia Domitilla appear before a board of arbitration to prove her claim for Roman Citizenship, instead of a Latin one.
  • Other bills she introduced during her two years in the House addressed the creation of a state board of arbitration and a system of free schools.
  • The first board of arbitration was formed in connection with the iron trade of the north of England in March 1869, and Dale was its first president.
  • In his new position Jones took an active part in the formation of the board of arbitration and conciliation for the iron trade of the north of England.
  • The publication was a monthly published by the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen In 1913 and again in 1926 he was on the Board of Arbitration of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
  • Owen entered into private practice with the firm " Bushnell appointed Owen to the Ohio State Board of Arbitration, and he was re-appointed in 1905 by Governor Myron T . Herrick.
  • A hearing is set for Tuesday and Wednesday before the AFA System Board of Arbitration, which includes two company representatives, two union representatives and an arbitrator, union spokeswoman Sara Nelson Dela Cruz said.
  • The first Board of Conciliation did not sit until 11 July 1901 The first Board of Arbitration did not sit until 2 April 1902, and this board was established under an amended Act of Parliament.
  • The GSB is the board of arbitration that oversees the terms and conditions of unionized employees of the OPS and as such its decisions are very persuasive because of the similarity of the subject matter.
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