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English-Hindi > boat club

boat club meaning in Hindi

boat club sentence in Hindi
नौका क्लब
boat    नैया किश्ती नाव
club    चिड़ी मुगदर स्टिक
1.I am now co-captain of the Cambridge Boat Club.

2.Yale established the country's first boat club in 1843.

3.Several model boat clubs are dedicated exclusively to modelling the class.

4.The race is organised by Jesus College Boat Club in Cambridge.

5.He also twice won May Bumps headships with Caius Boat Club.

6.The Boat Club houses its four rowing shells in the boathouse.

7.As such, the boat club trains many novices each year.

8.Durham School Boat Club ( DSBC ) was founded in 1847.

9.He was later to become Treasurer of Oxford University Boat Club.

10.Until that year Cambridge was represented by Newnham College Boat Club.

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