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English-Hindi > book cover

book cover meaning in Hindi

book cover sentence in Hindi

• पुस्तक आवरण
book    ग्रंथ लेखा-बही
cover    रिकावी सुरक्षा
1.The book cover is matched
पुस्तक के कवर को

2.This reader is struck by two major deficiencies. First, while the book covers six topics (the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran, Iraq, counterterrorism, nuclear proliferation, and political and economic development), its specialists have almost nothing to say about Islamism, the most pressing ideological challenge of our time, nor about the Iranian nuclear buildup, the most urgent military danger of our time. They also manage to bypass such issues as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Arab rejectionism of Israel, the Russian danger, and the transfer of wealth to energy-exporting states.
इस क्षेत्र में रूस एक शत्रु शक्ति के रूप में फिर से उभर रहा है।

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