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English-Hindi > book value

book value meaning in Hindi

book value sentence in Hindi
अंकित मूल्य
पुस्तक मूल्य

खाता मूल्य
बही मूल्य
book    ग्रंथ लेखा-बही
value    अहमियत मान्यताएँ
1.Three times book value is considered the going rate for securities firms.

2.Bavaria is trading at about 0 . 8 times its book value.

3.Caribe is trading at about 0 . 8 times its book value.

4.Bankers Trust paid about 2 . 8 times book value for Alex.

5.Public securities firms trade for between one and three times book value.

6.The name itself is worth $ 20 a share in book value.

7.And it gives Hancock a book value of $ 15 per share.

8.Bavaria is currently trading at 0 . 7 times its book value.

9.The stock is trading at a 30 percent discount to book value.

10.Banks typically pay about 2 times book value to buy other banks.

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the value at which an asset is carried on a balance sheet; equals cost minus accumulated depreciation

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