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English-Hindi > break line

break line meaning in Hindi

break line sentence in Hindi

शेषांश संकेत पंक्ति
सोपानी शीर्ष
break    अन्तर अवकाश अवसर
line    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
1.At the break line in the gambrel there is a low balustrade.

2.There appears to be to no method to create a break line in calc.

3.I'm no expert on infoboxes, but it appears you shouldn't break lines up within infoboxes.

4.He employs checking lines, power-play lines, fast-break lines.

5.They only break lines in an appropriate place if the window is set to just the right width.

6.Once hooked, they run, roll, dive to the rocks, and even on occasion break line on the boat propeller.

7.In the final, Kim Gallagher was the first to the break line but from there she was content to mark Doina Melinte.

8.WordPad has a nifty function to automatically break lines at the ruler, window edge, or other such places as defined by the user.

9.To perpetuate historic white advantage, affirmative action opponents have pushed test-driven criteria whose make-or-break line can be drawn to keep minorities at token levels.

10.A break line would be an ideal solution and I had already fudged this by capturing the graph and manipulating it using a graphics package.

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