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English-Hindi > bristol board

bristol board meaning in Hindi

bristol board sentence in Hindi

ब्रिस्टल बोर्ड
bristol    ब्रिस्टल
board    मंडल बराबर आना
1.It is sometimes referred to as a Bristol board or as Bristol paper.

2.The deal has been approved by the Bristol board and is awaiting shareholder approval.

3.Ink drawings are typically made on a heavy drawing paper, such as Bristol board.

4.Eventually he made his filaments by carbonizing Bristol board, which is a type of cardboard.

5.Most US comic book pages are drawn oversized on large sheets of paper, usually Bristol board.

6.The Bristol Board of Education's appeals for support for this project have been met with mixed emotions.

7.Bristol board is commonly used for technical drawing, illustration projects, comic book art, and other two-dimensional art forms.

8.Bristol board is what I was told to use . talk ) 08 : 20, 30 May 2009 ( UTC)

9.Okamura inked Shuriken " for Victory Comics, and introduced Darick to the use of Bristol Board, ink pens, and zip-a-tone.

10.Ordained in 1909 his first post was a Clerical Secretary to the " Bristol Board of Finance " until his ordination to the episcopate.

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