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English-Hindi > burst on

burst on meaning in Hindi

burst on sentence in Hindi
• अचानक उभर पड़ना
burst    विस्फोट चटख
on    लगातार लगा हुआ आगे
1.But it missed its target and burst on the ground, police said.

2.She has not burst on the scene; she has slipped in unnoticed.

3.That set up Cedric Washington's tying TD burst on the next play.

4.Besides, you press some envelopes too hard, and they burst on you.

5.Two bombs burst on the flight line of the 335th Fighter Squadron.

6.Several jars of the powerful chemical had burst on the stairway.

7."They put a burst on, " said Bruins coach Robbie Ftorek.

8.I hope the bubble is not going to burst on Friday.

9.After years of injuries and personal obstacles, Mahay has burst on the scene.

10.And in February, a DC-9 landing gear burst on landing in Nashville, Tennessee.

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