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burst up sentence in Hindi

"burst up" meaning in Hindiburst up in a sentence
  • Smith burst up the middle and had no Bruins left to beat.
  • Abdul-Jabbar highlighted the drive with a 3-yard touchdown burst up the middle.
  • On the next play, Larry Johnson burst up the middle for a touchdown.
  • A burst up to 10 images in 4 seconds was possible.
  • The circuitry can correct error bursts up to 11 bits long.
  • On second-and-4 at the Aggies'39, Montgomery burst up the middle for a 29-yard gain.
  • Wheatley then burst up the middle for 8 yards and a 20-6 Giants lead.
  • But Walker took the kickoff and burst up the middle to the Philadelphia 44.
  • In less than three minutes, the ship bursts up and out of the deep.
  • He bursts up the middle, picks up the child and heads for the end zone.
  • With 1 : 52 left, Smith burst up the middle for a 42-yard touchdown run.
  • Which Tiki Barber would make this burst up field?
  • And he also ran quick bursts up the middle.
  • He often resembles a larger Emmitt Smith, churning out yards with quick bursts up the middle.
  • Michael Brimage, the Navy fullback, led the next drive with a 39-yard burst up the middle.
  • When the ball was snapped, he burst up the middle, where few Dolphins defenders were waiting.
  • They burst up the runways in anticipation.
  • That drive, following the opening kickoff, ended when Bivens burst up the middle from 7 yards out.
  • Seeing the slimmest of openings in the middle of the Ravens'punt coverage, Barber burst up the field.
  • Dwight fielded the punt at his 17-yard line, burst up the middle, then broke for the left sideline.
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