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English-Hindi > bursting charge

bursting charge meaning in Hindi

bursting charge sentence in Hindi
• विस्फोटक पदार्थ

• स्फोटक चार्ज
charge    चार्ज़ चिंता पद
1.HE round with a projectile weighing and a bursting charge of 30 grams.

2.The lighter HE round actually carried a larger bursting charge than the heavier round.

3.AP shells with a bursting charge were sometimes distinguished by appending the suffix " HE ".

4.Canister was essentially a tin can filled with iron balls packed in sawdust with no internal bursting charge.

5.Commonly, there is a final stage which utilizes a bursting charge to aerosolize and distribute the chemical agent.

6.The X-200 consisted of a salvaged oil can filled with napalm and fitted with a black powder bursting charge.

7.Hipper later commented, " It was nothing but the poor quality of their bursting charges which saved us from disaster ."

8.The bursting charge would add possible 150 feet / second, giving a bullet velocity of 1, 050 feet / second.

9.The OG-15V HE-Frag round weighs, it uses an OG-9 shell with a TNT bursting charge.

10.For unarmored targets and shore bombardment, the Mk . 13 HC ( High-Capacity referring to the large bursting charge ) shell was available.

a quantity of explosive to be set off at one time; "this cartridge has a powder charge of 50 grains"
Synonyms: charge, burster, explosive charge,

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