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English-Hindi > butt against

butt against meaning in Hindi

butt against sentence in Hindi
• लगा हुआ होना
• सीमा पर होना
butt    कुन्दा खिलौना
against    के खिलाफ के खिलाफ़
1.He was sticking his butt against the window.

2.The baseboard is installed last because it has to butt against the door casing.

3.Danya Abrams kicked butt against these people.

4.McCain was jarred by a blow from a rifle butt against his already broken arm.

5.That will also allow the shingles to butt against the casing, which they must do.

6.These steel plates would butt against a steel plate attached to the concrete slab forming the floor above.

7.The historic experience of racial discrimination butts against the ideal of America that they brought to this country.

8.The Erebus Ice Tongue flow pushes the glacier into Erebus Bay where it butts against seasonal ice pack.

9.To mark off the steps, position the square on the board so both gauges butt against the edge.

10.She was cited for a head-butt against Moore in a confrontation after a shot by Sherrill Kester.

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