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English-Hindi > butt on

butt on meaning in Hindi

butt on sentence in Hindi
• लगा हुआ होना
• सीमा पर होना
butt    कुन्दा खिलौना
on    लगातार लगा हुआ आगे
1.Grant the kid immunity and get his butt on the stand.

2.Forgo another cliche and quit flicking those butts on the ground.

3.She showed us burn marks from cigarette butts on her body.

4.I just want him to kick butt on the floor.

5.It's his butt on the line ."

6.A huge cigar butt on the edge of the bath.

7.Bare butts on big people are nothing but UGLY!

8.Keep Hambrick's butt on the bench 90 percent of the time.

9.A soldier kicked and beat me with a rifle butt on my back.

10.The Funky Butt on Rampart Street was the place to be, he said.

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