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English-Hindi > butterfly bomb

butterfly bomb meaning in Hindi

butterfly bomb sentence in Hindi

• तितली बम
butterfly    बटरफ्लाय शौकीन
bomb    बम बम का गोला बहुत
1.Not all unexploded SD2 butterfly bombs still have their wings attached.

2.Butterfly bombs continued to explode on the field for many weeks thereafter.

3.This was because butterfly bombs were specifically designed to detonate if they were disturbed in any way.

4.Butterfly bombs in a submunitions container could have a mixture of different fuzes fitted to increase disruption to the target.

5.The Butterfly Bombs, which littered the area, hampered fire-fighting crews trying to reach locations damaged by the incendiary bombs.

6.Junkers Ju 88s from " Kampfgeschwader 54 " ( KG 54 : Bomber Wing 54 ) attacked British positions with Butterfly Bombs.

7.Therefore, it was designed to fly over anti-aircraft positions and drop Butterfly Bombs, an early form of cluster bomb munitions.

8.As with more modern cluster bombs, it was not considered practical to disarm butterfly bombs which had fully armed themselves but failed to detonate.

9.It was said to drop exploding pens, poisoned candy, or so-called butterfly bombs and to fire on farm workers in fields.

10.UK bomb disposal teams were having continuing problems dealing with German 2 kilogram butterfly bombs as no examples had been safely dismantled to learn the process.

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