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English-Hindi > button hole

button hole meaning in Hindi

button hole sentence in Hindi
button    घुण्डी बटन बिल्ला
hole    कुंड छेद होना
1.Why is the top button hole on shirts horizontal instead of vertical?

2.Everything is hand-tailored, from the button holes to the hand-rolled collars.

3.The odd part is that between these two buttons is a button hole.

4.Four years later, the Button Hole short course and teaching center is a reality.

5.Also if this machine makes button holes . etc . Thank you Fran Earnhart.

6."Button Hole is a great model for folks to try and replicate, " he said.

7.The Button Hole course was built from a former gravel pit on the Providence-Johnston line.

8.The placket of the shirt is the part that holds the buttons and the button holes.

9.Located in an old gravel pit not far from Interstate 95, Button Hole opened last fall.

10.The distance between the buttons is basically just the length of the button hole between them.

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a hole through which buttons are pushed
Synonyms: buttonhole,

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