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English-Hindi > by night

by night meaning in Hindi

by night sentence in Hindi
• रात में
by    के निकट पास में बगल
night    शाम अंधकार संध्या
1.It has to be done night by night and show by show.

2.He was a police officer by day and a criminal by night,

3.It liked watching Indian films during the day and soccer by night,

4.The idea of endlessly recording Paris by night was inconceivable to him.

5.Lee wears Ralph Lauren by day and fishnet and plastic by night.

6.Esmeralda Comes by Night : A Mexican nurse has five husbands.

7.By night, the crew can see the lights of Panama City.

8.By night, you can watch lobsters crawl in an artificial lake.

9.The spectral bag pursues people walking along the road by night.

10.A Billy Davis summer, clouded by nights like young Mathis had.

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