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English-Hindi > cabin crew

cabin crew meaning in Hindi

cabin crew sentence in Hindi
हवाई जहाज़-कर्मचारी
cabin    कमरा कुटिया कुटीर
crew    कर्मी दल केवटिया
1.Cabin crew had no training, and learned the job as they worked.

2.Another passenger reported the overheard conversation to the cabin crew, PA said.

3.One cabin crew member was killed and seven other airline staff injured.

4.The flight was carrying 144 passengers, two pilots and four cabin crew.

5.Of the crew, he said one cabin crew member has been hospitalized.

6.The cabin crew walked us through all the procedures for emergency action.

7.Cabin crew used seat belts looped together to hold the door closed.

8.The options we are offering cabin crew represent a mutually beneficial solution,

9.In April, the airline started recruiting candidates for pilots and cabin crew.

10.BA cabin crew donates RM7, 000 to welfare body, NEW STRAITS TIMES-

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