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cable penetration sentence in Hindi

"cable penetration" meaning in Hindi
  • You have declines in cable penetration growth now.
  • However, cable penetration has only reached around 22 percent of British homes so far.
  • Instead, the plan is designed to increase cable penetration with the lower basic price.
  • Many Canadian cities have cable penetration rates of 90 per cent or more of television households.
  • Despite its modest cable penetration in the area, TBN has poured significant resources into WTBY in recent years.
  • Houston's cable penetration is less than in the other markets ( about 57 percent here compared with 67 percent nationally ).
  • Even after the digital television transition, WGGS's transmitter only provides cable penetration in the Greenville / Spartanburg / Asheville market.
  • In 1984, Star TV began winding down operations due to the fact cable penetration eliminated the need for Subscription TV over the air.
  • All components of fireproof vaults must meet the fire protection rating of the vault itself, including doors, HVAC penetrations and cable penetrations.
  • The channel claims to be reaching more than 22.5 million homes nationwide with a cable penetration of over 87 % in metro cities.
  • Coombs also served as Parliamentary advisor to the UK Cable Television Association, representing at the time the constituency with the highest cable penetration in the country.
  • Among the 4, 000 households responding, the survey reports that cable penetration slipped to 62.8 percent in 1994 from 64.5 percent in 1993.
  • For example, Sammons now provides cable service to about 32 percent of the homes in Fort Worth, substantially below the average cable penetration rate of 60 percent, Marcus said.
  • Fire wall penetrations into the server room, such as cable penetrations, coolant line penetrations and air ducts, must be provided with fire rated penetration assemblies, such as fire stopping.
  • ABC chose Houston because it would cause the least disruption, since cable penetration is lower in the nation's fourth-largest city than it is in other large markets, Braverman said.
  • "Even at the height of Detroit's auto-related troubles in the'80s, cable penetration held up, " said Jessica Reif Cohen, media analyst at Merrill Lynch.
  • As cable penetration increased, numerous cable-only TV stations were launched, many with their own news bureaus that could provide more immediate and more localized content than that provided by the nearest network newscast.
  • "As cable penetration has increased and the FCC's ` must carry'rules took effect, UHF stations increasingly have achieved positions nearer parity with VHF stations, both in signal quality and market coverage.
  • And while cable penetration is still low _ 10.7 million, or about 13.3 percent of available households _ advertisers are starting to catch on, spending an estimated $ 15 billion on spots last year.
  • It has worked to supply Australia s biggest gas project, the Chevron operated Gorgon Project, on Barrow Island, Western Australia delivering cable penetration seals with built in electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC ) to protect the plant s electrical systems.
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