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cable railway sentence in Hindi

"cable railway" meaning in Hindicable railway in a sentence
  • In 1883, the Market Street Cable Railway opened its first line.
  • Nearby, two cable railways connect K�rnerplatz with two villa quarters.
  • However, the unsuitability of cable railways for passengers became clear within a few years.
  • Abandoned mines may occasionally contain larger features such as timber bridges, cable railways, or waterwheels.
  • The list only includes non-cable railways whose culminating point is over 2, 000 metres above sea level.
  • Opened in 1931, the Mergellina Funicular was the fourth, and most recent, cable railway opened in Naples.
  • Despite their power and influence, however, their main competitor was still the Denver City Cable Railway Company.
  • Next, he built a cable railway near the Place de la Republique and created the park of Buttes-Chaumont.
  • In 1889, the site became an amusement park at the end of Lake Washington Cable Railway's trolley line.
  • Built in 1974, the cable railway was first the first of its kind to burrow through a mountainside.
  • There are plans for future development to enhance tourism, including hotels and a cable railway line to Mt.
  • The construction of a cable railway between Ligerz and Pr�les in 1912 turned it into a minor tourist destination.
  • When the Brake was again closed in 1986, it was the last standard gauge cable railway operating in the UK.
  • Numerous streetcar Hoboken Inclined Cable Railway, originated / terminated at the station until bustitution was completed on August 7, 1949.
  • An old cable railway constructed by Stanko Bloudek is also part of Slovene culture heritage and was completely restored in 2014.
  • Built in 1974, the cable railway was one of the first of its kind with a tunnel passing through a mountainside.
  • The, referred to as, is a cable railway line owned and operated by the Kintetsu Railway, a Japanese major private railway.
  • Two cars on a historic cable railway in downtown Los Angeles collided Thursday, killing one person and injuring seven, authorities said.
  • A specific type of cable railway is the funicular, which is a cable railway with the cars permanently fixed to the cable.
  • Two cars on a historic cable railway in downtown Los Angeles collided Thursday, injuring eight people, three of them critically, authorities said.
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