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cable rate sentence in Hindi

"cable rate" meaning in Hindi
  • A second effort early in 1994 pushed cable rates down 17 percent.
  • And cable rates have soared at an estimated 7 percent per year.
  • He was also active as a consumer advocate opposing cable rate increases.
  • _Remove regulation of cable rates within six months, except for basic services.
  • Consumer advocacy groups were concerned about the deal's impact on cable rates.
  • Because of all the new competition, most cable rates would be deregulated.
  • I think this will result in lower telephone rates, lower cable rates.
  • The government reduced basic cable rates by 17 percent last year.
  • The combined 8.7 cable rating is the equivalent of a 6.5 broadcast rating.
  • Consumer advocacy groups have petitioned the FCC to freeze cable rates.
  • Lower cable rates, he said, will come " in time ."
  • Thierer predicts " some capitulation on cable rates, some loosening on media concentration.
  • The industry weekly Broadcasting & Cable rates Sinclair as the 11th-largest station owner.
  • They proposed lifting cable rate caps only when new competitors enter a market.
  • A third Markey amendment, which would have limited cable rate increases, did not pass.
  • The industry weekly Broadcasting & amp; Cable rates Sinclair as the 11th-largest station owner.
  • They remove cable rate controls, and let broadcasters own more radio and TV stations.
  • The bill we are now considering deregulates all cable rates.
  • The FCC is also watching out for rising cable rates.
  • Cable rates do tend to go up more frequently, at least once a year.
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