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cable release sentence in Hindi

"cable release" meaning in Hindicable release in a sentence
  • My father never even used a cable release for his time exposures.
  • They can also be opened mechanically with a hidden cable release.
  • Breaking from practice, though, Nikon removed the ISO-type cable release socket.
  • According to WikiLeaks cables released in 2011, Bouterse was active in the drug trade until 2006.
  • In July 2011 Namhong lodged a protest with United States officials regarding a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.
  • On occasion I hid my camera in a hollowed-out Bible, firing with a cable release in my pocket.
  • One 1996 cabled released Monday called Montesinos " a valued ally in the drug fight, but no choirboy ."
  • One 1996 cable released Monday called Montesinos a " valued ally in the drug fight, but no choirboy ."
  • New Zealand's Pharmaceutical market and Pharmac were noted to feature heavily in diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks in 2010.
  • It also provided a B ( bulb ) setting, though there is no way to attach a cable release.
  • In addition to requesting private documents, the diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks will also be mined for relevant content.
  • Cable released his autobiography in April 2009, entitled " Demons and Cocktails  My Life with the Stereophonics ."
  • In 2011, Beck and Cable released a new version of their principles in " The Gift of Interpretation ".
  • The Shooting Gallery series paid about the same amount for films, and the usual straight-to-video or straight-to-cable release pays less.
  • Modern cars often feature remote opening of the fuel tank fuel filler flap using an electric motor or cable release.
  • One can make one using an existing camera case and a cable release; Pelican cases by Pelican Products are frequently mentioned.
  • Despite a modest theatrical run, Rebel Love enjoyed a cable release on Showtime and was later distributed on video by Vestron.
  • The manual rewind button, release catch for the camera back and cable release socket are on the left-hand side of the camera.
  • One can use an ISO cable release with the body by purchasing a Terminal Release MR-3 and fitting it to the remote terminal.
  • :Don't think a cable release will work on these new finagled cheap digital things, as there is no were to screw it into.
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