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cable route sentence in Hindi

"cable route" meaning in Hindicable route in a sentence
  • Auto routing functionality finds the shortest cable route between two designated points.
  • To make cable routing easier, it can rotate 360 degrees after installation.
  • Known to the local class 3 " Cable Route ".
  • From Wairau Road, the cable route against follows the Northern Busway to Constellation Drive.
  • In July 2015 MMT was contracted to clear the cable route of possible unexploded ordnance.
  • ;( AXT ) : Interference caused by other cables routed close to the cable of interest.
  • One of the reasons for these explorations was to select a possible cable route to Luzon.
  • The seabed at the windfarm and offshore cable route consisted of mainly gravely sand, overlying chalk.
  • Pine trees along the cable route were split.
  • Wireless transmission can also allow data to move in a straighter, more direct path than cabling routes.
  • The cable route, as originally planned, was to narrowly miss the remote island of British Overseas Territory.
  • Construction of the onshore cable route was begun in late 2016 under J . Murphy & Sons.
  • Oyster cards are accepted on the Emirates Air Line cable route between Greenwich Peninsula and Royal Docks.
  • So they're all orienting the disks in a way that suits their chassis, cable routing, and cooling strategy.
  • Signal-boosting amplifiers on the cable route may be overtaxed, and picture quality often varies from channel to channel.
  • A number of ports near important cable routes became homes to specialised cable repair ships . plough ".
  • This cable route was restored to work, albeit with new cables, during the recent resignalling of Swithland Sidings.
  • Since 2011, all hikers who intend to ascend the Cable Route must now obtain permits before entering the park.
  • Products such as cable trays, cable ladders, and cable baskets are used to support a cable through cabling routes.
  • Both ABC and CBS, of course, did not take the cable route, a fact that often pains their news executives.
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