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cable ship sentence in Hindi

"cable ship" meaning in Hindicable ship in a sentence
  • A total of five cable ships have been named Retriever since that time.
  • Other cable ships were involved in the completion of this system.
  • Colonel Astor's body was recovered on April 22 by the cable ship " Mackay-Bennett ".
  • The White Star Line chartered the cable ship " Halifax, Nova Scotia to retrieve bodies.
  • She was the first fully capable cable ship and mine planter with diesel electric power.
  • Sea ploughs are pulled behind cable ships and bury the cable in the sea bed.
  • There are two main types of cable ships : cable repair ships and cable-laying ships.
  • Modern cable ships differ greatly from their predecessors.
  • From 1906 " Thrush " worked for HM Coastguard before becoming a cable ship in 1915.
  • Comcast has a stellar track record of integrating acquisitions and running a tight, highly profitable cable ship.
  • The company used cable ships to lay its undersea cable across the Pacific Ocean from America's west coast.
  • Also, existing cable ships were not large enough, nor were their loading and laying gear sufficiently powerful and robust.
  • The cable ship " Colonia " was built for the project at a cost of 1 million pounds sterling.
  • In June 1942 the Post Office cable ship " Iris " laid lengths of both Siemens'and Henleys'cable in the Clyde.
  • The British cable ship "'SS " Lord Kelvin " "'was a cable-laying ship which served during the broken up in 1967.
  • All had dual capability and several, including the " Niles ", went on to operate as small cable ships after Army service.
  • It was laid between Gallanach Bay, near Oban, Scotland and Clarenville, Newfoundland between 1955 and 1956 by the cable ship " Monarch ".
  • In total, cable ships have carried out nearly 300 repairs, some of which at a depth of 5000 metres over the last ten years.
  • USS " SP-319 " was transferred permanently to the Coast Guard and commissioned on 10 September 1919 for continued use as a cable ship.
  • "Dock Express 20 " was powered by two dynamically positioned cable ship, she was refitted with three azimuth thrusters to serve as its main propulsion.
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