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English-Hindi > cable ship

cable ship meaning in Hindi

cable ship sentence in Hindi

केबिल जहाज
cable    जहाज का रस्सा
ship    जलयान जहाज जहाज़
1.A total of five cable ships have been named Retriever since that time.

2.Other cable ships were involved in the completion of this system.

3.Colonel Astor's body was recovered on April 22 by the cable ship " Mackay-Bennett ".

4.The White Star Line chartered the cable ship " Halifax, Nova Scotia to retrieve bodies.

5.She was the first fully capable cable ship and mine planter with diesel electric power.

6.Sea ploughs are pulled behind cable ships and bury the cable in the sea bed.

7.There are two main types of cable ships : cable repair ships and cable-laying ships.

8.Modern cable ships differ greatly from their predecessors.

9.From 1906 " Thrush " worked for HM Coastguard before becoming a cable ship in 1915.

10.Comcast has a stellar track record of integrating acquisitions and running a tight, highly profitable cable ship.

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