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cable system sentence in Hindi

"cable system" meaning in Hindicable system in a sentence
  • Check your local listings for the IFC channel on your cable system.
  • Cable systems have been selling for eight to 10 times cash flow.
  • Pax has also done well in positioning its channel on cable systems.
  • Viewers should contact their local cable system or DISH Network to subscribe.
  • The networks have become increasingly aggressive recently in dealing with cable systems.
  • The results include cable systems acquired on July 31 from Viacom Inc.
  • The company sold two of the its nine cable systems last year.
  • I believe AOLTV may find its way onto Time Warner cable systems,
  • Other shareholders have pushed to sell off assets besides the cable systems.
  • The complicated formula relies on a different percentage for different cable systems.
  • Industry analysts estimate only 15 percent of all cable systems are digital.
  • The firms are clustering patchworks of community cable systems into regional operations.
  • Cable systems typically offer two or more channels dedicated to black programming.
  • Federal law requires local cable systems to carry these local stations.
  • Time Warner Cable will add the network to more cable systems.
  • Additional international cable systems have been proposed or are under construction.
  • You had IBM that came out with their own cabling system.
  • Troms?is connected to SvalSat via the Svalbard Undersea Cable System.
  • Netserve makes technology that allows cable systems to carry telephone calls.
  • Negotiations are focusing on assessing a value to the cable systems.
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