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English-Hindi > cable system

cable system meaning in Hindi

cable system sentence in Hindi

केबिल तंत्र
केबिल व्यवस्था
कैबिल व्यवस्था
cable    जहाज का रस्सा
system    सिस्टम क्रम डौल
1.Check your local listings for the IFC channel on your cable system.

2.Cable systems have been selling for eight to 10 times cash flow.

3.Pax has also done well in positioning its channel on cable systems.

4.Viewers should contact their local cable system or DISH Network to subscribe.

5.The networks have become increasingly aggressive recently in dealing with cable systems.

6.The results include cable systems acquired on July 31 from Viacom Inc.

7.The company sold two of the its nine cable systems last year.

8.I believe AOLTV may find its way onto Time Warner cable systems,

9.Other shareholders have pushed to sell off assets besides the cable systems.

10.The complicated formula relies on a different percentage for different cable systems.

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a television system that transmits over cables
Synonyms: cable, cable television, cable television service,

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