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cable television sentence in Hindi

"cable television" meaning in Hindicable television in a sentence
  • Business : Provides hardware and software systems to the cable television industry
  • This allows cable television subscribers to access data through the Internet.
  • They were enjoying a revival of the show on cable television.
  • Johnson says stealing cable television service remains a much bigger problem.
  • More than 40 million homes also have access to cable television.
  • Some consider it the sensibility gap between network and cable television.
  • Madalyn wrangled a cable television program that gave many people indigestion.
  • The fight is the second half of a cable television doubleheader.
  • She is a frequent conservative commentator on cable television talk shows.
  • Spanish viewers have had a limited access to international cable television.
  • Cable television advertisingoverflows with pitches for flags and symbols of America.
  • The WWF consistently has some of the top cable television ratings.
  • His cuisine has won awards and been featured on cable television.
  • That trilogy turned up on cable television over the holiday weekend.
  • Glenn Hatmaker of the National Cable Television Association sides with Gonzalez.
  • Cable television is widely believed to have changed network television news.
  • Labor party head Ehud Barak told a cable television show audience.
  • Barrows is covering the Fleiss trial for a cable television network.
  • Gore said in his speech to the National Cable Television Association.
  • But Bochco said he envied cable television only to a point.
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