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English-Hindi > cable way

cable way meaning in Hindi

cable way sentence in Hindi

• केबिल पथ
cable    जहाज का रस्सा
way    अयन मार्ग उन्नति
1.The cable way has two supports, which are and high.

2.The cable way was used to transport the TV technicians to the transmission station.

3.They wanted electricity for the cable way in order to drag the boats ashore.

4.With the cable way you reach the " V�ttnerberg " with its wonderful panorama.

5.Encamp is from the capital city and the lake is a further by cable way.

6.The cable way was partially financed by the fishermen who used it and partially by V�gur Municipality.

7.The construction of the radio centre and the cable way as a whole was proposed by engineer Jnis Linters.

8.In 1906 fishermen from V�gur made a cable way from the gorge M�lagj�gv in the west towards east to V�gsei�i.

9.There were 12 cars being pulled by the 5.8-kilometer ( 3.6-mile ) long cable way at the time of accident.

10.In the same year, the cable way finally finished its half-a-year wide construction, with the Madona Radio Towers being the tallest.

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