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cadge from sentence in Hindi

"cadge from" meaning in Hindi
  • Our truckload was filled with supplies Jeanne had cadged from a local supermarket.
  • I finished the project with a 99-cent clasp and links cadged from other broken jewelry.
  • The early iMac featured awful speakers, no doubt cadged from a hidden stockpile of 1960s transistor radios.
  • Some use all the latest tools to stay in touch; others scrape along with leftovers cadged from the office supply cabinet.
  • That was almost three years ago, and, to cadge from yet another consumer products ad, Dunlop has come a long way, baby.
  • Pomposello suggested the tongue-in-cheek name Oblivion, cadged from an obscure Leo Kottke album, mistakenly believing the name to be a satire.

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