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English-Hindi > cage antenna

cage antenna meaning in Hindi

cage antenna sentence in Hindi

पंजर ऐन्टेना
cage    पिंजरा पिंजरे में
antenna    ऐंटिना
1.It is also possible to use cage antennas on grounded masts.

2.It is a grounded mast with a rhombic cage antenna.

3.Originally the station used cage antennas around each mast.

4.After inauguration of these cage antennas the basement insulators were bridged, but remained in place.

5.All masts of the station are grounded guyed lattice masts with a triangular cross section, equipped with a cage antenna.

6.The Beidweiler longwave transmitter uses a directional antenna consisting of three 290 metre tall guyed masts, each equipped with a cage antenna.

7.A variant of ARRT-antennas uses a grounded mast and a cage antenna reaching from the bottom to the top of the mast.

8.The 75-metre-tall lattice tower, which is also grounded and equipped with a cage antenna, serves as backup antenna for both frequencies.

9.The tallest of these mast radiators is a 271.5 metres high guyed mast, which is equipped with a cage antenna and used for longwave broadcasting.

10.The longwave transmitter, which works on 207 kHz, uses as its antenna two tall guyed mast radiators each equipped with a cage antenna at their lower part.

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