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English-Hindi > call option

call option meaning in Hindi

call option sentence in Hindi
• तेजी
• क्रय विकल्प

• क्रयाधिकार विकल्‍प
• वैकल्पिक विक्रय-अधिकार
call    काल बारी बिगुल
option    अभिरुचि चाह चुनना
1.Buyers of call options are betting that the stock price will rise.

2.Bre-X C $ 21 December 1996 call option was the most active.

3.Speculators typically buy call options on a bet the stock will rise.

4.Dorsey said, and he recommends that investors buy call options on it.

5.Investors buy call options when they expect the underlying stock to rise.

6.Call options to buy the company's stock also rose in active trading.

7.A . We hedge our fuel with call options on heating oil.

8.The volume of Nynex's February and March call options has increased significantly.

9.Call options allow a buyer to purchase shares at a fixed price.

10.Each call option typically is for a hundred shares of a stock.

the option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date
Synonyms: call,

an option to buy

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