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English-Hindi > camping area

camping area meaning in Hindi

camping area sentence in Hindi
camping    शिविर लगाना शिविर
area    क्षेत्र क्षेत्रफल
1.There is also a camping area, RV park and motel.

2.Camping is available at eight camping areas on the three islands.

3.There is a large camping area and lodge near the lake.

4.The camping area has around 350 campsites, all with electricity.

5.The main attraction is the Salt Springs Recreation and Camping areas.

6.There are some small simple hotels as well as camping areas.

7.Small flat area on the summit provides an excellent camping area.

8.There are two camping areas on the banks of Kettle Creek.

9.There is normally a field warden resident in the camping area.

10.These include the Yurt camping area and the group camping sites.

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