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English-Hindi > camping ground

camping ground meaning in Hindi

camping ground sentence in Hindi

शिविर स्थल
camping    शिविर लगाना शिविर
ground    सज़ा देना भूतल
1.The Biesenbachs had used the tranquil setting as a camping ground.

2.There are also camping grounds that are open to the public.

3.There are camping grounds on the lake called Mossyrock and Taidnapam.

4.The Cuyamaca lake provides family with safe, affordable camping grounds.

5.The festival area in Kyl�saari does not feature a camping ground.

6.Darlington Park on Kerry Road is a privately run camping ground.

7.The camping ground at Lake Catani is open from November to April.

8.Souvenir guide books were sold and maps of the camping ground distributed.

9.The national park has nine basic huts and camping grounds.

10.These camping grounds continued to function well into historic times.

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