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English-Hindi > cardiac pacemaker

cardiac pacemaker meaning in Hindi

cardiac pacemaker sentence in Hindi
• पेसमेकर
• हृद्गतिनिर्धारक
• हृद्गतिचालक
• गतिचालक
• हृद्गतिप्रेरक
cardiac    हृद हृदय हृदयी
pacemaker    अगुआ गतिनिर्धारक
1.Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc . operates as a subsidiary of Boston Scientific Corporation.

2.Larsson received the first implantable cardiac pacemaker on Oct . 8, 1958.

3.An artificial cardiac pacemaker can also be installed to control the heartbeat.

4.Cardiac pacemakers are most commonly implanted to keep slowing hearts pulsing strongly.

5.It looks much like the cardiac pacemakers the Minneapolis-based Medtronic is known for.

6.Lilly also purchased Cardiac Pacemakers Incorporated, a manufacturer of heart pacemakers in 1977.

7.In 2017, Feinstein had an artificial cardiac pacemaker inserted at George Washington University Hospital.

8.BOSTON _ Cardiac pacemakers save countless lives by prompting balky hearts to beat regularly.

9.Rodr�guez Delgado also invented an early version of what is now a cardiac pacemaker.

10.Read heart, cardiac pacemaker, autonomic nervous system, and artificial pacemaker.

a specialized bit of heart tissue that controls the heartbeat
Synonyms: pacemaker, sinoatrial node, SA node,

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