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English-Hindi > care in handling

care in handling meaning in Hindi

care in handling sentence in Hindi

इस्तेमाल में सावधानी
care    हिफ़ाज़त दायित्व
in    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
handling    चालन निगरानी
1.Antiquarian and rare materials require extra care in handling and preservation.

2.The contractors and carriers took little care in handling the mail.

3.Except for this job, McSorley took extra care in handling the food.

4.Ethylene glycol is listed as a toxic chemical requiring care in handling and disposal.

5.The phosphors used in the bulbs were somewhat brittle, necessitating care in handling.

6.This makes them useful in making polymers but also requires special care in handling and use.

7.Hindu astrology has taken due care in handling the sensitive issue of establishing one s parentage when it is in doubt.

8.The Mazatec believe the plant to be an incarnation of the Virgin Mary, so they take great care in handling the plant.

9.But Ms . Oliver stands by her reporting, which also appeared in Time magazine, and blames her superiors for a lack of care in handling it.

10.Though Shyam has only been bitten four times in his rescue work, he has developed an allergy to antivenin, which requires that he exercise great care in handling snakes.

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