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English-Hindi > care management

care management meaning in Hindi

care management sentence in Hindi

देखभाल प्रबंधन
care    हिफ़ाज़त दायित्व
management    कपट चालाकी छल नीति
1.Ms . Chollet said at the National Institute for Health Care Management.

2.After leaving the Navy, Riepe worked in the field of health-care management.

3.Child care management software is typically developed by an independent software vendor.

4.For instance, health care management companies have been steady through the whole thing.

5.Medicare recently started paying for services related to chronic care management.

6.This unit is also conducting the research in burn care management.

7.Professional Sports Care Management Inc ., Harrison, N . Y ., 1.885 million shares.

8.The acquisition makes United HealthCare the largest U . S . health-care management company.

9.In 2007, a department of health care management was added.

10.America is where microbiology, genetics and health care management started.

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