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English-Hindi > care manager

care manager meaning in Hindi

care manager sentence in Hindi

• देखभाल प्रबंधक
care    हिफ़ाज़त दायित्व
manager    प्रबंध कर्ता
1.Ms . Ruth's care manager is Jo Lynn Mokos.

2.Some even cover the cost of a private care manager.

3.National Medical Care managers have blamed Bolduc for their troubles with Grace.

4._National Association of Geriatric Care Managers, 520-881-8008.

5._Geriatric Care Managers of New England, 617-426-3533.

6.His care manager and his family seem accepting of Wesley's progress.

7.Geriatric care managers are also good at assuaging the guilt of those who hire them.

8.Boress says the health plans are eager to become employers'sole health care managers.

9.The care manager may be provided by a social services agency like JASA or hired privately.

10.They'll get the extra beds, says Valerie Christian, assistant patient care manager.

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