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English-Hindi > career aspiration

career aspiration meaning in Hindi

career aspiration sentence in Hindi

कैरियर आकांक्षा
वृत्‍ति आकांक्षा
career    चलन अन्धाधुन्ध
aspiration    अरमान आकांक्षा
1.It also encompasses training to meet career aspirations and professional development.

2.The three discuss their work, their outfits, and career aspirations.

3.In 2002 she moved to Los Angeles to further her career aspirations.

4.He's outspoken and candid about his career aspirations or lack thereof.

5.So says executive coach Deb Weiler of Career Aspirations in Dunwoody, Ga.

6.It might be explained by both employer discrimination and gender differences in career aspirations.

7.However, his first career aspiration was music.

8.Enrol in a course that fits your career aspiration well and work hard at it.

9.Students are clustered together in courses with peers who have similar interests and career aspirations.

10.That year, he decided to follow his original career aspirations to be a lawyer.

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