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English-Hindi > carry out

carry out meaning in Hindi

carry out sentence in Hindi

• कार्याfन्वत
• चलाना
• निभाना
• निष्पादन करना
• संपादन करना
• समाप्त करना
• पूरा करना
• पालन करना
• सिद्ध करना
• कार्यान्वित करना
• अंजाम देना
• करना
carry    क्षमता होना वहन
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
1.Clinical trials still need to be carried out .
इसके लिए अभी और चिकित्सकीय परीक्षणों की जरूरत है .

2.Most attacks have been carried out by rabid animals.
अधिकांश हमले उन्मत्त पशुओं द्वारा किए गए हैं।

3.Most attacks have been carried out by rabid animals.
अधिकांश हमले उन्मत्त पशुओं द्वारा किए गए हैं.

4.There is a need for more research, professionally carried out.
हालाँकि कुछ व्यवस्थित ख़ोज भी हो चुकी है |

5.They will only carry out procedures for which they have been appropriately trained.
कृत्रिम रुप से श्वास लेने की क्रिया क्या है?

6.How long has the council got to carry out these repairs ?
इन मरम्मतों को कराने के लिए काउंसिल को कितना समय चाहिए ?

7.Converts to Islam are taking over the terrorist operations previously carried out mainly by Muslim-born immigrants and their children.
आतंकवाद की ओर धर्मान्तरित

8.He has written some drams and has carried out few translations.
उन्होंने कुछ नाटक भी लिखे और कुछ अनुवाद कार्य भी किया।

9.What if the LEA does n't carry out the tribunal 's decision ?
पुनरीक्षण , हाई कोर्ट से अपील करने कास्थान नहीं ले सकता .

10.A power for the courts to grant injunctions against specific practices carried out by specified traders
कानून लागू करना ।

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pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue; "Did he go through with the treatment?"; "He implemented a new economic plan"; "She followed up his recommendations with a written proposal"
Synonyms: follow through, follow up, follow out, implement, put through, go through,

put in effect; "carry out a task"; "execute the decision of the people"; "He actioned the operation"
Synonyms: carry through, accomplish, execute, action, fulfill, fulfil,

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